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International Women’s Day Lessons – Nicola Anderson

For IWD 2019 we're reaching out to the amazing women who featured in our 2018 campaign and asking them to share the lessons they've learned this year. Remember - change doesn't happen in one day, it's all about progression.

Nicola studied at Bristol university many moons ago and after deciding a PhD in tadpoles wasn’t for her moved to London, landed a marketing role in a tech startup right in the middle of the dotcom boom – and has never left. She’s worked across a whole range of sectors from sports and gambling to photography and finance and, at MyTutor, is finally in the sector she is most passionate about. Outside of work Nicola is completing a diploma in coaching and mentoring and loves skiing, yoga and travel.


Lesson learned:


“The quality of your attention determines the quality of other people’s thinking.”

A quote from Nancy Klein from the book a time to think. A book that had a profound impact on both my personal and business life. How much of our time at work do we actually spend really listening to our colleagues and team vs half listening and thinking about other projects or how we’re going to respond to what we’re hearing. Actively listening and giving 100% of my attention to my colleagues and team not only shows how much I value their thoughts and feedback but also provides huge benefits in insights and views that I may not have considered.

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